Company Background

Account Club (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

      Account Club (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was formed on April 1, 2002 by Dr.Chaiyut Maionmue which located at Sun Towers 30th fl Jompon Jatuchak Bangkok 10900. The company's goal is to perform best in every dimension to satisfy customers and correct things that can be checked every month. Due to the stable growth, the company needs to be ready to welcome the large group of customers who may have different types of the business and different size of business such as small business that has only one owner or big business that registered more than 100 million baht. The company also provides a training course continually to create the potential employees so that they can serve customers effectively and efficiently.

Company Profile

  • Managed by Dr.Chaiyut Maionmue
  • Managing Director
  • A University lecturer (Part-time)
  • Internation Programs California State University The United States of America
  • English For Academic And Research Communication The University Of Queensland Australia
  • Doctor of Public Administration Program at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.
  • Invested with initial capital of 5 million baht
  • Has 100 employees and 300 customers around Thailand
  • Using information technology system for all kinds of jobs


  • Submit financial statements to customers every month
  • Submit input and output taxes report to customers every month
  • Apply taxation and social security via the internet
  • Send back the documents to customers
  • Divide the company into departments to make more effectiveness
  •     • Management Team
  •     • Audit
  •     • Accounting
  •     • Social Security
  •     • Business Registration
  •     • Financial
  •     • Administration
  •     • Express Transportation
  •     • Public Relation

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